MEGA COUNTY TOWNSHIPParticular As a fingerprint

Mega County Township Pvt Ltd (MCT) is a flagship company of the business interests in a wide range. Mega County Township is a young, dynamic, and vibrant real estate company with footprints firmly established in Delhi & NCR and expanding interests in retail, commercial and residential segments. The company envisages to be amongst the leading real estate companies in Delhi & NCR, and is committed towards innovation in technology, environmental sustainability and overall customer satisfaction at the choicest locations in Gurgaon, Bhiwadi and other prominent cities in the country by providing cost effective housing solutions through technological innovations.

Established in the year 2013, Mega County Township with best experience, is one of the fastest growing professional companies in the real estate industry. Our business model entails undertaking of projects on its own land bank, joint ventures as well as joint development and real estate management services.
Mega County Township has developed a wide range of residential & commercial complexes, located in Bhiwadi and other areas in NCR.

The environment has been, and will continue to be our focussed area. The company is earnest in serving its customers with nothing but the best in terms of delivery standards and professionalism by implementing best industry practices in real estate development and management by providing builup spaces and housing services.


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MATERIALSFine Touch of Luxury

Guided by our philosophy we seek to enhance the singular characteristics presented in each property that are as particular to it as a fingerprint.

START DATEAugust 17th 2020
FINISH DATEJuly 14th 2022
CONTRACTORMega County Township
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Interior of volumes, space, air, proportion, with certain light and mood. These interiors are meant to last forever.

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